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At Coast Community Care, we are dedicated to restoring hope and dignity to our neighbours in need. Our mission goes beyond providing immediate assistance; we strive to affirm the value of every individual through practical love and care


Our work is diverse and impactful. We financially support nonprofits that tackle homelessness and run meal programs, ensuring that those in the most vulnerable situations receive the help they need. Partnering with Christians Against Poverty (CAP), we empower individuals with budgeting skills through our money mentors, helping them regain control of their finances.


We believe in providing practical solutions to everyday challenges. Our initiative to fix up donated cars and get them back on the road offers vital mobility to those who need it most. During the holiday season, our Christmas hampers bring joy and relief to countless families. Additionally, our social enterprise café, Better Days, creates employment opportunities for those who have faced significant challenges in finding work.


Emergency relief is another critical area of our support. We offer vouchers to help with necessities like food and fuel, ensuring that immediate needs are met with compassion and care.


Our values guide everything we do:


- Grace: Loving without strings.

- Growth: Supporting and encouraging people to move forward.

- Gratitude: Blessed people, blessing people.

- Generosity: Giving beyond what is expected.

- Genuineness: Seeing each person's true value.


At Coast Community Care, our vision is one of hope and dignity. We are committed to making a tangible difference in our community by providing not just assistance, but genuine support and encouragement. Join us in understanding and sharing our mission to create a brighter future for all.

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